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Now available throughout Europe !!!!!!
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The Netherlands
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At Kilmartin’s we do not sell brakes, exhausts, interiour panels or general mechanical parts for your Austin Healey. We are specialized in producing and selling replacement chassis and (sheet)metal parts exclusively for the full range of Austin Healey‘s and we are proud to be known as the supplier for chassis and sheetmetal parts for Austin Healeys all over the globe.

The Kilmartin Chassis and sheetmetal parts are widely known for their superior quality and fit. We produce chassis for the full range of Austin Healeys and stock 600+ different (sheet)metal parts.

Kilmartin Automotive Sheetmetal has been the premium brand for Austin Healey chassis and (sheet)metal replacement parts for over 25 years and is now available throughout Europe. Based in The Netherlands KAS Europe stocks the vast majority of Kilmartin chassis and replacement panels.

Call or email for info and prices. We can also assist in replacing your chassis.

Need a replacement chassis for your austin Healey ?